Four healthy eating habits to follow in Ramadan

Muslim practice fasting in the Islamic month of Ramadan daily, they practice fasting from dawn until sunset, which is a long period, on average around 16 hours. This makes people uncomfortable and situation even get critical when people suffer from various issues because of high temperature in many countries. There are several healthy foods that can help you to practice fasting without facing any critical issues. Also, balance between Sahur and Aftar diets play a vital role.

Four healthy eating habits to follow in Ramadan

Here are the four healthy eating habits for Sahur and Aftar that will help you in Ramadan.

Drink and eat hydrating food in Ramadan
Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest solution to avoid dehydration, also eating fruits like watermelon in Sahur and Aftar because countries where temperature is usually high cause many problems related to dehydration. Avoid coffee, it can also cause dehydration, according to MayoClinic.

Eating right food in Sahur/Sehri to last through the fasting hours
It depends a lot on what you eat in Sahur. To make a day perfect, high fibre and high protein food is a lot helpful. Avoiding rice, bread and high fat foods is very effective but definitely difficult to avoid. Fruits and vegetables have proved to be one of the most effective foods in Sahur. Beans and lentils also provide long lasting source that helps to survive the day easily.

Avoid junk and fast food
Junk and fast food are temporary solutions and they are not even healthy. Eating fast food in Sahur especially can make one’s day tough. Apart from that even eating those in Aftari can cause many issues like heaviness after few hours, many of you might have experienced it.

Balance between Sahur and Aftar diet
Diet in Ramadan is not only related to Sahur, Aftar diet is also important because it is linked with the next Sahur, so balance between both Sahur and Aftar also plays a great role in Ramadan. Eating too heavy or eating too much in Aftar can cause many issues related not only to health but also in the next Sahur. We have to keep it balance.

Share these four simple tips with your friends and family. Enjoy Ramadan! :)

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