Exercise or Diet, whats more good for weight loss?

Most people around the globe, or should I say people who are living in cities and have jobs that comprise of degradation in terms physical and mental health, of course with a few exceptions. Many of them in the year of their enlightenment join gyms and start to starve themselves to death even opt for liposuction (though they are not eligible for it) or start taking fitness pills (like something of that sort even exists). This may or may not in exceptional cases help them in losing weight and attain their dream figure/muscular body, respectively for ladies and gentlemen but it sure will have a sliming effect on their wallets whatsoever. Keep up with me and I’ll show you how and to what reality I am leading you.

Exercise or Diet, whats more good for weight loss

First of all, getting slim and fit is a long term dedication with your body as you keep your mind in the clear in terms of doubts as to, “Why do I even need to do this? I am gonna die anyways” and so on….

Science behind weight loss
The only layman concept one needs to grasp is that if a person consumes X calories a day and exerts such that its tantamount to X+1 amount of intake; THAT ‘1’ is actually what you have lost. Similarly, if you exercise an equivalent of X-1 amount of intake; you’re going to have a net effect of that ‘1’ factor that still exists. Moving on….

Next it is never possible to lose even an ounce if you think you can just stuff your belly with whatever crap you think tastes good and hours later scram for the gym for a couple of hours to nullify that exact calorie intake. That is theory and theory is never acceptable in real life.
Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa notes a study in the journal Current Biology, where the authors propose the fascinating idea of “constrained total energy expenditure.”

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In short, the number of calories you burn doesn’t go up in a straight line with increased physical activity. Meaning that the human body being adaptive to all situations (which is a miracle by itself) adapts itself to the routine and enables minimum required energy to be spent. The calories that were burnt at a rate of 200 per hour while running in the first week would slowly decrease to a point and stay consistent unless there is a change in terrain, speed, intensity, order or frequency of that specific exercise. Sounds counter-intuitive, right?

To test the idea, the researchers looked at the total energy expenditures, resting metabolic rates, and physical activity levels of 332 adults (with a nearly 50-50 representation of sexes) from five populations: South Africa, Ghana, Jamaica, Seychelles, and the United States. They made sure to control for variables like weight, age, height, body fat, and so on.

Result? Exercise has a grandly lesser effect at weight loss as compared to controlling what you eat. But that is no excuse for not working out as this part is where you get to experience and improve teamwork, endurance, dedication and muscle generation.

Hence proved: Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen.

And our winner today and forever (until there comes a new scientific breakthrough) is Food control/management.

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