Top Four Healthy Bedtime Food Snacks

You may have heard of the story by your parents or rather grandparents not to eat before bed time. It will make you fat or that eating before bed time can increase the chances of diabetes or etc etc. But this is an old wives tale. There is much anecdotal evidence but little solid facts. And it is 100 percent a myth.

Top Four Healthy Bedtime Snacks

On the contrary, eating proper bedtime snack can help you boost your metabolism and overall wellness of your health. While you are asleep your body still needs energy to function properly. Sleep affects your metabolism, your immunity, energy levels and what not. A proper sleep is achieved by proper and balanced intake of carbohydrates and fats before sleep. While you feel full, your sugar levels will be balanced and your will be able to combat your insomnia even chronic.

We all want a good and proper sleep whether a night owl or early bird. And while there are erratic research to tell which food you should eat or which you should not. But let’s count some of the foods which majority holds true for promoting sleep instead of making you sleep deprived. These should be taken 30 minutes before bed.

Cherries are rich with melatonin, a sleep inducing chemical. It can be taken with the yogurt before bed. Many travellers who travel a lot take melatonin capsules to get the good sleep. Cherries are the natural source of this. It is well backed by almost all nutritionists, dieticians and researchers. It increases the amount and the quality of sleep and help combat chronic insomnia in adults as well.

Many of you will be well aware that it is considered banana and sleep are connected. It’s before bed a go-to-snack. They are rich with magnesium, potassium, tryptophan and vitamins. A deficiency in any of this will trouble you in sleep. Our body needs tryptophan that produces melatonin hormones, which mentioned earlier, is the sleep inducing chemical. It regulates your sleeping patterns, metabolism. A tryptophan deficient person will more likely to suffer with insomnia and depression. So next time instead of grabbing a sleeping pill, go to your kitchen and eat 2 bananas.

It is considered the healthiest among all snacks. It has more antioxidants then vegetables and fruits intake by a person in a day. Popcorns are considered as the natural source of achieving nutrients than any other snack present in the world.
Nonfat or plain popcorn contains only 93 calories and the carbohydrate it contains helps produce tryptophan. Therefore it is considered as the great late night snack by many. You can easily digest it as popcorns are whole grains.

It is widely known as ‘sleep tea’. Chamomile Tea is the oldest herbal tea present. For centuries it has been used for calming anxiety, to treat stomach problems, sore throats etc. Its sedative effect helps lower body tension and calm one’s mind. In order to reduce anxiety and insomnia, many dieticians recommend including chamomile tea as part of their regimen.

It is necessary to check out every food you take and its impact on your sleep patterns. Therefore include any of the above or the combination in you regimen and spot the difference. The difference will be crystal clear.
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