Recipe Method - Limoncello Trifle

Today I will share a recipe of Limoncello Trifle taken from one of a finest Australian websites Delicious. This recipe is a perfect delight for sweet lovers just like me and is one of the top most favourite recipe of 2016.

Due to its perfect presentation it can be served at formal dinners. Its easy to make easy to eat and easy to enjoy.

Recipe Method - Limoncello Trifle

Ingredients (All ingredients can be found at your closest super store easily)
  • ·        1 cup caster sugar, 220 grams would be perfect
  • ·        100ml limoncello
  • ·        300g blueberries
  • ·        1/2 teaspoon arrowroot
  • ·        5 eggs, separated
  • ·        1/3 cup lemon curd, 4 tablespoons would be perfect
  • ·        1 Madeira cake, cut into slices
  • ·        250g mascarpone
  • ·        1 tablespoon toasted flaked almonds
  • ·        Whipped cream

First step is to dissolve the sugar, place the sugar and dissolve it into 300ml water on low heat until it is dissolved.

Slowly increase the heat, and remove 80ml of the sugar liquid and stir it with limoncello in a bowl.

Add blueberries into the remaining sugar liquid and let it cook for two minutes on low heat until you see some blueberry juice in it.

Mix arrowroot with two tablespoons of water and mix it until it is smooth. Add to the blueberries and cook until it is found thickened, once done let it be cool.

Remaining sugar is now needed to make a thick paste using four egg yolks. Use electric mixer to mix sugar and yolk until it is smooth and thick.

Beat mascarpone and lemon curd, also beat egg whites in a separate bowl. Now softly fold the beaten egg whites into mascarpone and lemon curd mixture. Place the layer of madeira cake slices into the bowl in which you would serve later. Brush it with limoncello syrup, spread the 1/3 of mascarpone mixture. Add blueberries and their juicy syrup.

Repeat it until you are satisfied with the height (you would have to see the size of the bowl). Now for top use mascarpone.

Refrigerate overnight then you will have a bowl covered on top with whipped cream. Now its time to decorate it using blueberries, sprinkle, almonds and other dry fruits you like.

Last its time to eat and enjoy.

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