Recipe - Macaronise And Cheese Sticks

What are you doing friends? Free from everything and here to learn new recipe? Lets try this Macaronise And Cheese Sticks recipe. This is one of the shortest recipe of macaronis and cheese sticks can be easily made at home.

If you are cheese Lover than you'll absolutely going to love this recipe.

Recipe - Macaronise And Cheese Sticks

  • ·        Macaroni and cheese (Frozen)
  • ·        Eggs ( for egg wash)
  • ·        Flour ( for dredging )
  • ·        Marinara or ranch
  • ·        Breadcrumbs
  • ·        Vegetable oil
  • ·        Parsley (for garnish)

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Let's get started.....

First of all take a frying pan. Preheat oil to 350ºF.

Now take a frozen macaroni and cheese and cut it into ½ inch thick by 2 inch long sticks. Or you can simply use your own recipe of macaronis and cheese and refrigerate until firm and then straightforwardly proceed with the recipe as follows.

Grab three bowls of flour, egg wash and bread crumbs. Take the first piece of stick and dredge it in flour after then put that floured stick into the egg wash bowl. Now finally cover it with bread crumbs.

Before frying them, the sticks should be properly dipped into the three bowls as mentioned above.

Now you can start frying the sticks until golden brown color appears. Put these sticks on a plate lined with paper towels to drain.

Serve these with Mariana or ranch. For the decoration or garnish put some chunks of parsley on it.

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