Video Guide Recipe For Chicken Parmigiana

This is one of the most appetizing and mouth-watering dish. As you can see this dish with the ingredients that we are using here for this dish.

I always come up with the easy recipes. Again it is one of the easiest recipe. It has a pleasing and delish flavour.  Perfect for a comfortable food dinner.

Recipe Guide For Chicken Parmigiana

  • ·        2 chicken breasts (that should be boneless and skinless)
  • ·        2 eggs (beaten)
  • ·        Salt and pepper
  • ·        ½ cup vegetable oil
  • ·        1 cup Italian breadcrumbs
  • ·        1 cup onion  (chopped)
  • ·        1 sprig basil
  • ·        2 cloves garlic ( minced )
  • ·        3 cups tomato sauce
  • ·        4 oz mozzarella cheese
  • ·        ½ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • ·        ¼ cup fresh parsley (chopped)
  • ·        200g thin linguine (cooked)

Let's get cooking.....
Grab a boneless and skinless chicken breast. To flatten the chicken first place a plastic wrap in the cutting board. Lay the chicken breasts on top and cover with another piece of plastic.

Use the flat side of a meat mallet or you can use another heavy instrument like a rolling pin or hammer to flatten the breasts.

Remember you have to make the chicken pieces 1/3-inch thick. Season the chicken with salt and pepper.

Now grab a bowl of beaten eggs and dip the chicken properly. After doing this you have to take another bowl of bread crumbs and roll the chicken appropriately with breadcrumbs.

Fry the chicken until it turns brown on all sides. After frying remove and set aside.

Fetch a frying pan and pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in that pan. Put 2 cloves garlic that should be minced, chopped onion and then add tomato sauce with 1 spring basil. let the frying pan boil slowly at room temperature for about 10 minutes. Remove the basil.

Place the chicken breasts in the sauce pan. Scatter the parmesan over the chicken and put a round pieces of mozzarella on the top of the chicken.

Now you have to transfer the pan to the oven and bake for about 15 minutes i.e. at 350°F. Or check until cheese has melted and browned.

After baking you can serve the baked chicken breast with linguine.  Put some minced parsley on the top of chicken for the garnish.

Your chicken Parmigiana is ready to be served! Enjoy ☺

Here is the video:
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