Review – Tavern Grill the best Italian Restaurant in Karachi

Italian Restaurant Tavern Grill has really won the hearts of Karachi food lovers by storm through their amazing and delicious dishes presented in a spectacular manner in a pleasant environment.

Review – Tavern Grill the best Italian Restaurant in Karachi

The restaurant interior is very well designed and built where you can not only enjoy the healthy food but also the comfortable environment.

The tavern-like entrance is attractive which gives the customers the initial satisfaction. Looking more closely at the interior design and setting, the traditional wooden setup of tables and chairs makes it more charming. The art pieces and beautiful paintings alongside the tables makes it even more beautiful.

Coming towards the main attraction the food, which is not only tasty but also presented in the most beautiful way. They offer a wide variety of range in each category.

Their starters include Bang Bang Shrimps, Chicken Quesidilla, Bar B.Q Wings and many more other delicious stuff. They offer a variety of range in burgers including the top three Chipotle Chicken, Hickory Beef Burger and Mashroom Burger, their distinctive taste is due to the fresh ingredients.

Their most delicious and most selling Italian food is the Pasta Al Fredo, mixed with creamy alfredo sauce, topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese and served with smooth and tasty bread roll.

Their Chicken Entrees are also very popular, Chiptole Chicken On Tray and Morrocon Chicken. Both grilled chicken boneless pieces with their special spicy sauce alongside the vegetables and mash potatoes.

They also offer Sea Food, Mexican dishes and Pizza in many tasty flavours like the all-time favourite Chicken Supreme and Beef Supreme.

Tavern Grill specialty include the Smoothies; fresh yogurt, milk and fruit flavor that are mixed together and presented in a pleasant way.

They also offer deserts from ice cream, pies to all types of cakes, Cheese Cake, Malt Cake, Carrot Cake etc.

Recommendation: Try the Italian food especially Pasta Al Fredo and their specialty Smoothies separately for sure because both are heavy and have no combination together at all.

Discounts: Their rates are high but you will be satisfied once you finish your meal. Moreover, they offer student discounts and discounts through several banks’ card (UBL, HBL, JS, SUMMIT, ALFALAH).

Where it is located?
Tavern Grill is located near Tariq Road Signal at the main Shaheed-e-Millat Road which is one of the busiest area in Karachi.

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