Steamed Salmon Easy Microwave Recipe

Today, I am sharing you a recipe of Salmon, taken from a channel Tasty Japan. This recipe is very easy to make at home as it is steamed in a microwave. Also, it requires less expertise and small number of ingredients. Some people don’t like to cook fish in a microwave but it is quick and easy to make, especially when you need a quick meal that can serve you, friends or family.
Steamed Salmon Easy Microwave Recipe

  • ·        Small piece of Salmon
  • ·        Salt and Pepper as per your need
  • ·        A Chopped Onion
  • ·        A Chopped Carrot
  • ·        A Chopped Shimeji
  • ·        Small grinded pieces of Ginger and Garlic
  • ·        1 small pack of Butter

Take a steam paper and place the piece of Salmon. Add salt and pepper as per your need. Place Onion, Carrot and Shimeji on top.
To eliminate the smell of the Salmon, use Ginger and Garlic small pieces or crush them into powder. Place them on top of it. Add the piece of butter which will add the unique taste.
Once done, wrap up the steam paper so that the Salmon is totally covered.
Place it in a non-sensitive microwave bowl and put it in a microwave for about 4-6 minutes, depends on your microwave.
Now take the bowl out, take a fork, open the paper eat, enjoy and don’t forget to share.

This recipe can easily be customized as per your need, if you want to add a different taste you may change the toppings with other vegetables. You can avoid Shimeji as most of the people don’t like. 

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