Recipe Method Make Sneakers like Chocolate at Home

Are you ready to munch some instantly made Light chocolate peanut butter bars which taste a lot like all-time favourite chocolate Sneakers? If yes! Then you are going to love this easy recipe.

Recipe Method Make Sneakers like Chocolate at Home

The good thing is that the ingredients this recipe needs is usually at our homes. So here you go with the recipe!

Candi biscuits (300 gm)
Peanut butter (120 gm)
Melted butter (70 gm)
(You can also grab a simple dairy milk)

First you’ll have to crush Candi Biscuits in the grinder or you can manually crush them.
Add peanut butter to the crushed biscuits, you can have the peanut butter of any brand, or if you know how to make quality peanut butter then you can use yours. I will recommend using a quality international branded penut butter.
After doing the above steps its time to add the melted butter. There are several types of butter available in the market, the taste will vary accordingly, here I used a local one.
Now melt chocolate over double boiler.
Add peanut butter in chocolate (60 gm) for a perfect smooth taste.
After adding peanut butter its time to make the stuff cool to room temperature.
Now spread crushed Candi Biscuits in a tray/dish. Spread chocolate over biscuit layer.
Create swirls with peanut butter for presentation.
Refrigerate for 2 hours.
After it’s done, cut into bars or any other shape you like.

Now its ready to be enjoyed with friends and family :)

Hope you like the recipe, don’t forget to share, also provide us the feedback. Thanks!

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