Three Most Common Side Effects of Carbonated Drinks and Why You Should Stop the Pop!

The carbonated drinks, usually known as soft drinks or fizzy drinks are made up of carbonated water, some drops of artificial sweetener and artificial flavors. The “Soft” dictates that it has no or at least 0.5% alcohol in it as compared to usual hard drinks i.e. alcohols etc. 

Three most common side effects of carbonated drinks and why you should stop the pop!

The increasing consumption of soft drinks all over the world also results in the death toll of its consumers. That is according to reports presented at the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION by HARVARD researchers and scientists more than 184,000 youngsters died of over consumption of soft drinks over a year.

Carbonated drink is a big business there is no denying considering Coca cola being 4th in Forbes’ most valuable brands list for the year 2016. Despite their claims that these drinks are harmless for health, the increasing risk of obesity, kidney stones, and diabetes says different story.

Let us review the dangerous side effects of soft drinks:


The most common health issue one can think of is obesity. Many researches have been done in this respect and found those sweeteners present in these drinks are associated with weight gain and obesity. A research was conducted on teenagers and they were given artificial sweetened drinks over a course of 25 weeks. After comparison with the group with no consumption at all, the group having consumption daily noticed slight increase in their BMI.  


Many researches have been associated with diabetes as well. Type 2 diabetes has a deep linkage to the consumption. American journal of public health clearly reported that an experiment that was conducted on 90,000 women showed clear signs of having a risk of type 2 diabetes on more than one consumption per day than the ones having less than one consumption. 


Since it has been proved that carbonated drinks are related to diabetes and obesity, this leads to cardiovascular disease or in particularly failure of heart or heart attack.

Many experts believed that two or more servings per day can increase the high risk of heart failure or could lead to the heart failure development. 

While researching the topic, a very interesting info graphic came across. Let me share it with you.
what happens one hour after drinking a can of Coke!

Not to forget that there other factors as well for these effects but carbonated drinks have been linked several times.

Conclusively, the known effects of carbonated drinks require only 2 options. Many believe that either completely replaces it with water or stop drinking them at all. There is no other option. It all comes down to our self-control and how deeply we care about our health. 

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