Best Healthy Drinks for Kids Revealed

"It is not uncommon for preschoolers to be getting 500 or 600 calories from drinks-- about half of the calories they need for the day", says Susan Goolsby, RD, assistant director of clinical nutrition at Arkansas Children's Hospital, in Little Rock.

Four Healthy Drinks for Kids Revealed

Studies reveal that too much processed sugar is a backer to the obesity epidemic, specifically among kids.
The most important thing is to provide your child with enough hydrating drinks to balance their water content and keep them energetic.

Even juices that you think are healthy for your kids because they are alternative to sodas come up with consequences. They contain preservatives that are not healthy for your kids. You can give fresh juices to your kids that are prepared at home as they are healthy and beneficial.

Below I have some ideas of drinks that you can try with your kids.


Water can be given any time in the day and as much water your kids consume it is good for them. You can add any fruit slice in your kid's glass for example a slice of orange or pineapple or a strawberry slice. It will look good and will add flavor to it. Usually kids are fond of ice cubes, you can use a lot of ice cubes in summers which your kids never resist drinking.


Kids love to have smoothies as it sound tasty and interesting, moreover smoothies fulfill their calcium and essential vitamin requirements. When your kids are off from school you can take them in kitchen and make them prepare smoothie on their own, they will enjoy this activity and will have it with more concern. You can make smoothies for them with various fruits using Greek yogurt. Smoothies retain much fiber that makes fruit such an important part of a kid's diet. We have some smoothies for you! Have a look :)


Milk is a major source of calcium and it is very important for healthy development of your kids. It is a drink that can be offered daily, and I prefer that your kid must drink 3 glasses of milk daily to meet calcium requirements for stronger bones and teeth. Though I know some kids are allergic to dairy milk and they refuse to have it. You can try various milk shakes for them as it will improve the taste and adding fruits to it will make it more tasty and tempting. Fruits will add color to it and they will enjoy it. 
We have some Vitamins Tips for your kids! Have a look!


Sometimes parents are not aware that their kids are not drinking actual juice. Companies add a lot of processed sugar and a little amount of juice. Make fresh juices to your child ad lemonades are a very good option of fresh juice. Adding sugar and ice cubes in lemonades will make it a tempting drink for your kids and serve them in interesting glasses when they are playing with their friends. You can also make a healthy fruit punch version using watermelon or pineapples also. The colors will be more tempting for your kid.
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