Top Seven Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamins are very essential need for our daily life, but it is very hard and impossible for one to cover up his/her requirements of vitamins and minerals with 8-10 pills every day. So we should meet our requirements by taking vitamin rich foods. As you grow up our body's ability to absorb nutrients is decreased, we should opt multi-vitamins in grown up age to make up for the deficiency.
Top Seven Vitamin A Rich Foods

My article is about the importance of Vitamin A which is the most essential of the nutrients for our immune system. When we are on a diet, our immune system get weak and we get sick. Especially it is very important for women who are willing to conceive. Above all, it is very important for eyesight. Vitamin A holds beta-carotene which is helpful in repairing retina, eye membranes and cornea. An average adult needs 5000 IU (International Units) per day of vitamin A.

Here is a list of 7 Foods that are rich in Vitamin A.


These fascinating peppers are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene. They are antioxidants and provide you 3726 IU, 37 calories in a medium size pepper. You can eat them in various ways like include these in your salads, pastas, scrambled eggs and many more.


It is highly rich in Vitamin A and in just 100 grams of liver you can meet up the requirements of 16898 IU of vitamin A which is around 300% of your necessary requirements. It is a great remedy for people suffering with anemia.


A medium size peach can fulfill your 10% requirements of vitamin A per day which is 489 IU, 59 calories. Peaches contain vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium also.


Papayas hold several antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. You can use papaya in fruit salads and smoothies and it provides you 29% of daily requirements of vitamin A; it contains around 59 calories and 1444 IU of Vitamin A in a small papaya.


Dried apricots tend to be a mess-free snack when we need a nutrients boost. They are high in energy and antioxidants. A cup of dried apricots meet up 94% of our requirements per day and contains 4685 IU of Vitamin A, 313 calories.


Peas can be served as side dish to many meals. They are very beneficial and is a great supplement for healthy diet. A half up of peas contains 62 calories and provides 134% of vitamin A requirements per day which means 1680 IU of vitamin A is present in a half cup of peas.


Cantaloupe is a very delicious fruit with lots of healthy benefits. It is high in nutrients and vitamins and low in fat and calories. It can be used as dessert after dinner and also complements very well in fruit salad. One eighth of an average sized cantaloupe fulfills 120% of Vitamin A requirements per day and contains 5986 IU of vitamin A with 23 calories per wedge.
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