Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

You seem to be much eager about your fat burn. Here are some of the great foods on Earth that can help you burn your fat naturally and rapidly.


Oranges are enriched with Vitamin C and they help in functioning your body at optimal levels. The sugar in oranges is good for your health and there is nothing to worry about. Calories are low in oranges and fiber helps in regulating blood glucose levels.


Sweet potatoes hold fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium which is essential for our health. You can bake or boil a sweet potato and it can satisfy you between meals. It has fewer calories and are great and good for dieting.


They are recommended by many nutritionists because of low fat and high protein values. Make sure your chicken piece must be skinless as it contains fat.


They hold high vitamin content and help you to loose weight. Mushrooms are fat free and including them in your daily life in meals can make you feel healthy. You can add mushrooms in your salads or can take them in your breakfast also.


As they are rich in proteins they are gaining popularity as a healthy food and helps in burn fat. You can add some spices and boil lentils as it will be a soup for your lunch, or you can complement a dish with lentils. It helps you process carbohydrates effectively and keeps a check on cholesterol levels.


Green tea acts as antioxidants and is very effective in losing weight and burn your calories. You should have a mug of green tea after every meal to burn your fat.


Organic apple cider vinegar contains enzymes that are helpful for our digestive system and burns fat. You should take a glass of water and add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to drink before meal. It cannot be taken directly as it is very concentrated and can be harmful.


Olive oil does not contain bad fat and is very useful for our health. It can be used in salad dressings and in preparing meal instead of using other oils try to make a habit of using olive oil instead. You will feel positive affects in your lifestyle, it is beneficial.


Turkey breast is a lean protein source and can be used by low-carb diet people or who want to burn fat naturally. The proteins in turkey help in building muscles and strengthen your body. It also boosts metabolic rate.


Play safe on eggs and don't get in a wuss to ignore them as debate continues for yolk and egg white. Eggs are a lean source of proteins and boost your metabolism. You can eat boiled egg white in your breakfast, they will full your stomach and you can lose your weight as there is nothing to worry about it eating them.

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I hope you’ll enjoy reading my article, feel free to ask anything about your food if you have any queries! :) 
Enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Cheers!
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