“Weight gain does not happen overnight – Neither does weight loss.”
Maintaining a healthy weight in a culture we are living in, is a hard job. If you are heavy and chubby and you want to lose weight it is even harder. If you have tried a lot to lose weight by dieting and you are not successful in doing so you should believe that diet is not for you. Now the thing which you really need to focus on is developing a healthy relationship with your food.

Your weight imbalance occurs in two ways; if you are eating more calories than you burn you start gaining weight, and if you are eating less calories than you burn than you start losing weight.

Weight loss starts when you focus on these things.
  • Metabolism
  • Brain training
  • Patience and commitment
  • Pay attention while you are eating
  • Track your progress.
Metabolism is a process of chemical reactions taking place in our body that converts the food we eat into energy. We need to be aware of the fact that the metabolism rates in the individuals are different. If a person’s metabolism rate if faster than he will lose weight faster as compare to the person who has slow rate of metabolism.

When you need to lose your weight first and foremost duty is to train your brain. Let me clear it with an example; if I am told by my physician to brisk walk daily but I am walking around in home for the whole day assuming that I will lose weight because I am walking, this is totally wrong! It won’t ever help you lose fat in your body. You have to train your brain and prepare your mind to take out an hour and walk briskly keeping in mind that you are burning your calories. It will definitely help you losing weight.

Extreme diets can lead to rapid weight lose but they are more likely to leave you starving and feel cranky. Losing weight in a sustainable and healthy way takes time but it improves your outlook and mood and gives you more energy but it requires patience and commitment. If you have promised yourself to give up on junk food you need to be faithful to yourself. You need to be determined and patient.

You need to pay full concentration on your food while you are eating. Many people are used to overeat when they are stressed or when they are working or watching TV. This habit of eating ruthlessly leads to weight gain and you are distracted easily. You should focus on your food this will develop your taste buds and you will be tempted, but keeping in mind my friend that you are eating because you are hungry not because your stomach is bored!

Get a weighing machine and keep weighing your body regularly so that you can keep track of every inch and pound you lose. By doing this you will feel motivated and won’t get distracted by your ultimate goal.

Stay happy and healthy :)
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