Tips For Healthy, Strong and Beautiful Hair Growth

Today I am going to be bringing you some information about healthy diet and tips for your good hair. I just find it so fascinating that food has such an enormous power on how one looks and the function of your body. I am going to share with you some information that I think will be very helpful for you to have healthy hair.

So let's begin;
Some health issues such as heart burn is caused by low stomach acid. Low stomach acid can be very severe for your hair and can cause you a lot of damage. 90% of Americans experience low stomach acid. Question is how do you experience low stomach acid?
You may be experiencing Gas, Belching, Heart burn and Constipation due to the improper digestion of the food.
So when you have low stomach acid your body is not able to break down proteins into amino acids and you don't have amino acids in your blood stream and when you don't have proper amino acids in your blood stream you may have severe things like depression, hair loss, brittle nails and other issues with skin. If you have low stomach acid then whatever you take in medicines or supplements they are of no use because the food you eat is not properly digested.
So, the solutions to these are;

1.      You need to cut down junk
You have to be serious about your hair and need to cut down things that really are creating this issue in your body! They are fast food, white sugar, alcohol etc. May be you have beautiful hair now in your young age and your body is able to digest these now but as you grow older your body will not be able to digest it more because your metabolism will get slower by time and will ruin your hair and nails.

2.      Never eat on the go!
When you are snacking on the go your body is not prepared for the digestion of food especially when you have low stomach acid. What you have to do is sit and say a blessing or gratitude and breathe, prepare yourself to eat. It is important because digestion starts in your brain.

3.      Your saliva helps you digesting your food.
When you sit at your dining table to eat observe your food and smell it, see when you smell your food you'll notice that salivary glands are activated in your throat and it helps you digest your food properly.

4.      Keep calm and eat
It is very very important thing that you need to work on. You must slow down your speed of eating.  You need to relax and chew your food, especially when you are eating protein like meat or chicken.

5.      Water drinking
One thing which is important and you need to make a habit of is don't drink water just before you are about to eat, while eating, and just after eating. Drink water an hour before you eat or an hour after you eat, i know this sound difficult but it is important because when you drink water while eating or before eating it dilutes your stomach juices even more which are necessary for digestion, and your food will not be able to digest. You can have a sip of water that is okay.

6.      Avoid fruits just after you finish your meal
Yes may be it sounds strange to you but this is also an important thing you need to avoid, the fruits do not get properly digest right after you eat after meal, they pretty much rotten your stomach and you feel plodded. The best time to eat fruits is before an hour of lunch or after an hour of lunch. You need to make sure that you are creating more stomach acids.

Trust me if you want to have good and shiny hair you need to exercise on these tips and eventually you’ll notice the difference not just in your hair but your nails and skin. You will feel refresh and will feel healthy enough. Then try the foods and supplements for good hair but first of all you need to make sure that you implement these tips in your life for your health and happiness. J
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