How to make oily, dry and sensitive skin fresh, perfect and healthy?

Your concern about your skin is reaching to the next level. Your search describes it all. Now you can know which skin type you are and how to get a perfect, clear and glowing skin of your derma type.
Let’s just first know the skin care rules that should never be broken!

1.      You need to be gentle.
2.      Clean it.
3.      Keep it hydrated by drinking lots of water.
4.      Say NO to soap.
5.      Eat fresh, no junk foods.
6.      Be natural by adopting healthy habits.
7.      Don’t pop your pimples.
8.      Let it breathe.
9.    Try to keep it simple. Go for home remedies rather than adopting chemically made products, they can exceed your pocket limit as well as lead you to skip in case of non-suitability.
10. Go easy on make-up.

Test your Skin Type
If your skin seeps oil just after applying makeup within an hour, your finger can feel oily when you touch it on your face.
Oils produced by the skin are healthy as they are anti-aging but excess of oils can result in acne.

You need to use:
Use good milk cleansers daily both day and night and at least at night so that all the dirt wipes out of your face.   You need to use gentle cleansers instead of using sops and rubbing it on your face. They can produce excessive oil.
Use oil free moisturizers in a small quantity especially in the semi dry areas around eyes and cheeks.
You need to tone your face especially on your T areas twice a day that includes your forehead, nose and chin as these areas produce excess oils.

If you have clogged pores and oil overload you are in the type of blemish prone.
You need to consult a dermatologist so that your doctor can prescribe you a medicated cleanser or soap to cleanse your face. Your doctor will prescribe you toner and moisturizer. Light coverage make ups are used for such kind of skin type.

If you are feeling skin tightness and dryness just after washing your face you have a dry skin.

You need to use:
Use good company cleansers for dry skin to smooth your skin without dryness. Massage gently with cleanser and rinse with water, if it still leaves your skin dried then just wipe-out cleanser with a tissue paper instead of rinsing.
You should go for creamy moisturizers for your skin rather than oil-free, because oil-free will result in skin dryness and your problem won’t be solved.
Uses a cotton ball dipped in a toner and apply it gently on your skin, the toner should be non-alcoholic.

When your skin remains non-oily for hours and has small pores. With this type of skin you can go lazy.

You need to use:
Use a non-drying cleanser twice a day.
Only in cold weather apply toner in T-zone area.
Use oil-free moisturizers.

When you are dealing with redness, itchiness and reaction of weather you are in the pool of sensitive skin.
You need to be much careful about your skin.

You need to use:
Go for lotion cleansers for sensitive skin but be very gentle, keep it easy instead of scrubbing. Moisturizers:
Use moisturizers of your skin type and apply gently. If itchiness occurs consult your dermatologist.
You can use toners in T zone area but if itchiness or redness occurs immediately stop using it and consult your dermatologist.

Your face is splitted into sections of oily and dry areas. It is oily at the T zone area and dry at the edges.

You need to use:
Use mild cleansers twice a day.
Apply non-clogging moisturizer and smooth on dry areas after cleansing.
After cleansing apply toner with astringent on the T zone area. Do not use more than twice daily as your skin can flake.

I hope you will like the skin testers! :)
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