Top Five Healthy Smoothies Recipes Of 2016

To start a good day you need the best Breakfast, a good and healthy breakfast! Here I am sharing your the five amazing smoothies for your morning meal.

Best Five Healthy Smoothies Recipes For Breakfast!

To get started I am going to share couple of tips to make your smoothie making run smoothly.
First of all you want to use frozen fruits and the reason s you don't want to water down your smoothie with a whole lot of ice, so freeze your fruit yourself.

E.g. Take a baking sheet and freeze your fruits in a single layer. This prevents it from clumping and sticking together.

Next don't forget to prepack your frozen fruits; it is great, because all you need to do is roll out of your bed, put some juice and yogurt in your blender with frozen fruits and whoop! Your breakfast is ready to serve.

The last tip is:
When it comes to using your blender be sure to add your liquid first near the blade that will help your blender run a little smoother.

Let's start with:

Monday Yellow Smoothie!

  • Pineapple juice ½ cups
  • Yogurt ½ cups
  • Frozen pineapple as required
  • Frozen mango as required
  • Bananas as required
  • Graded ginger

Half a cup of pineapple juice, if you don't have pineapple juice it is fine you can also use orange juice. Half a cup of yogurt which will add much needed protein into our smoothie then top it with some tasty fruits like some frozen pineapple some mango and some tasty banana. Finally a little graded ginger just to lighten it all up and press blend.

Tuesday Orange Smoothie

  • Orange juice ½ cups
  • Yogurt ½ cups
  • Frozen orange 1 peeled
  • Frozen peach 1 peeled
  • Carrot 1 shredded

Half a cup orange juice, half a cup yogurt, 1 peeled orange frozen, half a peach also peeled and frozen and finally one shredded carrot, press blend and your orange smoothie is ready!

Wednesday Red Smoothie

  • Almond milk ½ cups
  • Vanilla flavored yogurt ½ cups
  • Frozen strawberries as required
  • Frozen raspberries as required
  • Chunks of water melon as required

Add in your blender almond milk half a cup, half a cup of yogurt vanilla flavor, frozen strawberries, raspberries and watermelon and finally press blend. Your red smoothie for perfect Wednesday breakfast is ready.   

Thursday Purple Smoothie

  • Pomegranate juice ½ cups
  • Vanilla flavored yogurt ½ cups
  • Frozen blackberries as required
  • Frozen blueberries as required
  • Some cherries

This purple smoothie is so delicious and features some of the antioxidant fruits.
Half a cup of pomegranate juice, you can also use cranberry juice instead of pomegranate juice, half a cup of yogurt vanilla flavor, add some frozen blueberries and some blackberries and even some freshly pitted cherries and  blend.

Friday Green Smoothie

  • Orange juice ½ cups
  • Vanilla flavored yogurt ½ cups
  • Frozen kiwis 2 peeled
  • Avocado 1

Half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of vanilla flavored yogurt, two peeled and frozen kiwis and then a whole avocado and then you can add any kind of greens for proteins for e.g. spinach, trust me you'll not get a taste of it but it will nourish you, then press blend and your yummy Friday green smoothie is ready to be serve.

I hope you’ll enjoy these yummy recipes for your perfect nourished and healthy breakfast. Be happy keep happy. :)
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