Feel Burn, Fit and BeYoutiful!!

~ Live your life to the fittest!
Are you eager to:
  • ·        Be in shape and toned?
  • ·        Look alluring?
  • ·        Decrease the menace of diseases?
  • ·        Need an appealing appearance?
  • ·        Reduce depression?
  • ·        Have brawny bones and muscles?
  • ·        Have a healthy life with your family and friends?
I am here to reveal the secrets of a healthier and fit lifestyle.  Put these tips in action regularly and see the faster results.

2.      Sleep. Run. Repeat.
“It’s supposed to be hard… the hard is what makes it great.” –A League of Their Own.
Take out 20 mins from your busy day, dress yourself up in a track suit and run. Running helps boost up your stamina, reduce depression, reduce fat and strengthens your muscles.
It’s simple. Just go, run, and repeat.

Sleep. Run. Repeat.

1.      Try to be a Superwoman!
Lie on your stomach on a floor, starting with a neutral position try bringing up your legs and your body as high in the sky as you can, squeezing your back area. Initially count till 5 and gradually increase the count.
Try to be a Superwoman!

3.      Squat and shoulder press
Take two dumbbells; one in your right hand and the other in left. Now get into position by putting your right foot forward, firm your position. Bend your legs to drop a little and straighten your arms; fists rose to shoulder level. Slowly return to the starting position and continue. 1 set of 10 to 12 is required initially; you can increase the count gradually.
 Squat and shoulder press

4.      Stomach Crunches
Need a flat belly? Try this!
Lie down on your back straight on a mat; keep your hands behind your ears and bent your legs. Now gently raise your shoulder blades and try to touch your knees but don’t put your face in your chest. Try to keep it straight; moreover avoid using your hands trying to pull your neck up.
Do this exercise daily with 2-3 sets of 10 crunches and see the results.
Stomach Crunches

5.      Magic Drink
Want to get rid of excess fats? Or just want to look healthier and fabulous? Try this magic drink known as detox water. Detox water helps you get rid of your body toxins, keeps your skin fresh and healthy and flush excess fats.

  • Spring water ½ gallons
  • Medium grape fruit ½ (sliced)
  • Cucumber ½ (sliced)
  • Mint leaves 10
  • Lemon ½ (sliced or drops)
Magic Drink

Mix all and allow the ingredients to rest in refrigerator at least 2 hours before consumption. Drink 6-12 glasses or ½ gallons of water a day and see the results.

6.      Alert!
Do not skip meals. When you skip meals your body leads to starvation and you start over eating in the next meal; resulting in your weight gain. Make a habit of eating healthy food without excessive fats, remember; fats are also essential for your body but avoid excessive eating just to have flavor. It will obese you. Include a balance diet in your routine including necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calcium etc.
Do not skip meals, skip junk food!

Keep in mind!
EXERCISE TO BE FIT AND EAT TO NOURISH so that you can flourish!! 
Comment below for questions or queries. Cheers! :)
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